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Scientific Research

UUVs are commonly used in oceanic research for purposes such as current and temperature measurement, ocean floor mapping, and hydrothermal vent detection. They utilize seafloor mapping, bathymetry, digital cameras, magnetic sensors, and ultrasonic imaging in order to research more about our oceans and what lies beneath them. However, there are many problems with a UUV's transport, launch, and recovery such as safety, interoperability, launch and recovery time, and resource requirements.

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Our system eliminates these problems by introducing an autonomous launch & recovery system that is easy to transport, can self-navigate, and can handle multiple UUV sizes. Open Oceans’ goal is to make ocean exploration easier, safer, and more accessible to all via our products. Since our system can include a docking station for recharging and allowing data transfer at sea, the UUV can be in the water as long as necessary until it’s mission is completed.

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