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 About Our Company 

We are Open Oceans, a dynamic company that emerged from the National Security Innovation Network (NSIN) Foundry program. Our mission is to commercialize breakthrough defense technologies and push the boundaries of what is possible in marine technology to create a sustainable and secure maritime future for all. With a focus on UUV transport, launch, and recovery, we are reshaping the norms in the marine industry. At Open Oceans, our mission extends beyond the marine sector, bringing innovative, defense-derived technologies to a wide range of industries. We harness cutting-edge solutions originally designed for the most demanding environments—underwater and military operations—and adapt them for commercial use. This not only ensures our products are battle-tested and ready whenever our warfighters need them but also drives down costs through broader commercial application. By pioneering the transformation of defense technologies into versatile, everyday tools, Open Oceans leads the charge in creating safer, more efficient operational landscapes across the globe. We believe in innovation without borders, making high-quality, reliable technology accessible where it's needed most, from the ocean depths to urban developments.

About Our Founder:

My name is Vinitha Moskal

Vinitha Moskal is a prominent business leader and the Founder, President, and CEO of SmartCost Inc., a management consulting and advisory firm, along with Open Oceans. With over 25 years of experience in global operations management and strategic leadership, she has a strong background in turning concepts into viable business opportunities. Her expertise spans multiple industries and functions, with a focus on leveraging strategy, innovation, and operational excellence to optimize performance in the era of Industry 4.0.

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