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Military Reconnaissance &
Mine Countermeasures

UUVs are used in the military for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance.   UUVs can carry out underwater missions that have been dangerous or that which requires a very long mission time.


UUVs are also used in mine countermeasures as a means to detect, identify, and neutralize mine threats. Since it usually takes manpower to push UUVs into the water, it is a safety hazard that has sadly been the cause of injuries and death among military members.

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Many aspects of our system can benefit military reconnaissance. The autonomous launch and recovery system allows for the UUVs to be launched, operated, and recovered from a distance without putting any military members in danger. Since UUVs are used for longer missions, maximum uptime is an important UUV necessity. Our system can include a docking station allowing for recharging and data transfer at sea ensuring maximum UUV uptime.  This allows the UUV to be in the water as long as necessary until it's mission is completed. 


Our system allows the UUV transport, launch and recovery to occur autonomously. Because of this, it can be launched at a safer distance or can be navigated toward dangerous waters accomplishing the mission without risking the safety of military personnel. 

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