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At Open Oceans, we stand behind the philosophy of "explorations made easy".  We believe that our solution will revolutionize the way UUVs are transported, launched and recovered.

“Open Oceans offers a transport, launch, recovery, and docking platform for UUVs. Autonomous systems improve safety. At-sea docking and data transfer increases uptime. Compact and able to be disassembled, transport has never been better. With these factors, we make explorations easy.”

If you are looking to be part of the solution, we would love to hear from you.

Our Product

Universal UUV Transport, Launch & Recovery System

Exploration With Unmanned
Underwater Vehicles:

Our oceans have been explored with the use of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) for military reconnaissance, mine countermeasures, oil & gas exploration, and climate change. Although UUVs are revolutionary, their transport, launch and recovery pose many challenges such as launch & recovery time, interoperability, resource requirements, and cost/safety concerns. Open Ocean’s technology solves these problems by introducing an autonomous launch & recovery system that is easy to transport, can self-navigate, handle multiple UUV sizes, and ensures maximum UUV uptime to make ocean exploration more accessible, intelligent, and safe for multiple market uses. We focus on logistics so you can focus on discoveries. 

Target Markets

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Meet The Team

Open Oceans has a team of extraordinary individuals dedicated to improving ocean exploration for all via our revolutionary UUV transport, launch, and recovery system.

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